Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hugs ^_^

*Dedicated to my most huggable friends*

I wish we hugged more in Kochi.

Kochi, which is more open to the west than the rest of Kerala, is too conservative. If we were to hug a friend, we would receive unwelcoming stares and unwarranted giggles. I am not talking about hugging between the same sex but between a male and a female, which seems to be considered taboo. I remember when i was young, mothers used to tell their children not to hug friends belonging to the opposite sex and "friendship is good, but dont get too close". Not that we were little perverts or anyone of that kind, I guess they said that so that we wouldn't land up in any kind of trouble in this protected society. But now i feel its high time people get out of their insecurities. It just takes a bit of trying.

I feel this often, its like a distance between even the closest of pals. One can joke that the first person whom she or he's going to hug will be her/his life partner. I say that one should hug for the very feeling of closeness and that much needed human
touch. It should be natural and it should come within you. There is nothing more gratifying and consoling than a hug.

This is my personal view. I definitely think that we lack that human touch. The human touch which calms, reassures, connects, gives security, shows that we care and most importantly, shows that we love.

When you give a hug, you:

... say "It's okay. I'm here for you."

... reassure the questioning heart. We question if he/she still wants to be friends with me after our fight or if our parents still care about us. A simple hug would clear all doubts.

...connect with the people.
Communicating through body language like a pat on the shoulder could send hundreds of messages. It could mean "Hi there,buddy! Long time" or "I care about you"

...could quell all insecurities in your friend and help him feel lighter. It gives them security. Your hug is the biggest reassurance you could ever give them.

Show some love.
Remember, "Love!Love!Love!Makes the world go round!"-Bubbles from Powerpuff Girls.

One hug can do wonders, have no inhibitions. It is a calming reassurance; It boosts self confidence and morale; It encourages peace and friendliness, love and gratitude.
So give a hug today. It could be anyone. Even me.
Get up, Get real. As i always say.. there is a whole world out there, why are you stuck up here?


  1. Yeah definetly true..!!! But dude Kochi is changing..or we will change it , what do you say?
    with lots of HUGs :)

  2. heck i'd hug everyone.. i just don't want swine flu !!! lol

    Great post brother. *Pat on the back*


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