Friday, August 7, 2009

My True Friend

The following was written by me towards the end of the year 2007. I wrote it to my best friend and my brother, Sandeep Kumar. Hope you like it.

**My True Friend**

My friend in life, My friend in death.
A bond so strong, proven with every breath.
All those days together and no moments apart,
you 've been with me right from the start.
Pain washes over, everyone has gone,
i run for cover but you make me strong.
In times of trial my counsel you sought,
I will give you my life with no second thought.
You know who i am, on me you can depend,
I know who you are, my brother, my true friend.


  1. I'l always be there for you brother. You're the one true friend i have. Thanks : )

  2. you haven't been active lately??

    .. Sandeep

  3. yea, MBA has been hard put on me.. ill try though, to write again...


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