Friday, August 7, 2009


Alas! I'm back to this old and desolate blog. Its been ages since i logged in last time. The transition from college life to individual being has had its effects. But now I'm back and with more zest.

Nov 07, 2007 was the last time i penned a poem. I had a grave loss in a friend, and that made me stop writing. Not only writing, i even stopped my second re-mix tape (SuliPhunk 2: My love).
Out of the two lost passions, i guess, the urge to rhyme has reignited within me.

I ll be posting my poems soon. :)

After college, i tripped to Chennai, Pune (a place i fell in love with), and Mumbai. Spent some quality time with my family and old friends. I also gained a whooping 10 Kgs by the end of April.
I rejoined IMS Learning Resources Pvt Ltd for CAT coaching by May, but only after finding a job with Edelweiss Broking Ltd as a sales exec. Life ever since has been a slap on the face.

My job required me to travel around 20kms (one way) to office, in a Cochin City Bus a k a Red Killers, endure dust and carbon on my face, and finally after getting down at the stop, walk again for 15 mins. Job is nothing but servicing clients, encouraging people to join, read research and updates, and in worst case scenario's- do the actual trading in the stock market (Its not for the faint of heart). My job includes a hell Lotta' traveling.

I'm free by 15:30Hrs, and i reach home an hour later. But im not done yet. IMS has to be given due priority now that i cant spend anymore years behind CAT. I return from IMS after 8Pm.
Well, i have no options for myself, do i? Like they say, I'm stuck between the devil and the ocean.
I have to work, as work experience counts in an MBA interview, and I've to study, aint i?

But, now i feel like devoting a wee bit of time blogging and writing fun stuff. So here i am, again.

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