Friday, June 3, 2011

#Bad A** Life

Life, made to run the length of a football field
a badass clown to start with, a victory to yield
Its got a weird beginning, it says that you'll be the best
some may say it so, but you ll never win this test
It's a test? Well it certainly is one,
if not, you must be some Warren Buffet's grandson.

You don't know shite, weird people you ll bang into
A tackle will take you down, next thing, there will be another two
Ah! the sweet taste of mud, the pain, the hurt, washed away in rain.

they say:
get hit and thrown about, but never frown
cuz until the end, it ll be that way, you re on your own
I say:
give me a reason to do this then, what will I get from this in the very end?

I grow old, that's when I'm given the football,
you should see the 7 footers who lunge at me with brute force
quick feet and you ll escape, else bye bye sonny, you ll never see any worse

You are a footballer, get up son,
now get this game running and win us some
Bam Bam! Your arse is hurt,
they say:
He cant do nothing, he's left eating dirt

I realised the meaning of life that day
It's to get back on the field
I came back with raw determination, and beat the hell outta them dumb folks
they came saying:
you re the man now, kid, you are the golden child

The game goes on, I'm the better player now, I beat up kids
they show up like lost clowns, my men take them down to deep pits
I don't see that once upon a time I was that badass clown
having to see big 7 footers fall down on me from heaven

Life, made to run the length of a football field
now at the other end, worn with time
It's got a weird end, It says that your job is done
I try and figure, what did i gain up front?

Excuse me Life, what was all that about?
Where am I? Who am I? Why the heck am I, I?
Am I tricked? Am I clowned? Am I even getting anything for my efforts?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Take Me Away, Freedom

 Take Me Away, Freedom

Everyone needs that someone, that someone to hold on to,
every soul thrives for some love, some affection, that something to relate to,
and I am, but still on my own,
with the fear of being so all life long..

I have myself to blame for,
what I gave I receive for,
revel in the joy of the pain I caused,
today I feel that pain, when all is lost..

A lonely life, some love i plead,
none of them now gave me heed,
for the disgrace I've been, this is what i reap,
drowned in misery, hurt running sore and deep.

Take me away, freedom,
away from this world, into thy kingdom,
where there aint no hate and deceit, where love is pure and holy,
take me away, freedom,
away from this world, into thy kingdom,
for them,
who for now and for evermore, suffer my acts of vainglory..

Saturday, March 5, 2011

We Are All Mad People!

There are times when you are mentally unstable. Then there are times when a bunch of people sit together and act mentally unstable. One sees Tweety birds flyin low, round and round, over his head, One laughs an Hyena and abruptly stops and drools.
The following is a product of one such period. Unedited. Raw. Wrote it in one stretch of wild imagination.

We Are All Mad People!

One whined for a bite of white chocolate
nother wailed for the joy of recreation
Quite content with the pointless wait
our mouth's hang open in fascination

Taking in Oxygen and breathing out Carbon Dioxide
we bathe in sunlight, in its aggrandized glory
On unicorns and dragons we comrades ride
onto battle, unto death, we unleash our fury

We run across fields, chasing them stars
when we hardly made hay when the Sun shined
Lost in the beauty, the lost Pluto, endearing Mars
on cheese cakes and pouring wine, one nother dined

To indulge in such poetry as is thine silence
the trees of Apple, Pine and Maple
Divine, we rhyme on Pinocchio's violence
cause now, but for evermore, we are all mad people!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

His Canvas, His Clay

(The Crank and his muse)

His Canvas, His Clay
Art, as you say, is Love
Love, as I know thou art.
We are only beings of His making
splashed, spattered, cross hatched.

Love, pours forth in bright red
our sins etched in flowing blood;
Tones of Grey, splashes of Blue,
spaces of White, hurt and Hue.

Formed with a burst of light
Light, we all come from.
A mold, spinning fast on a wheel
cut through in shapes by his fingers.

We become flowers of many patterns
God and Goddesses, of fear and love;
Basked in the Sunlight, baked in Earth,
our lifeless expressions of a million joy's worth.

::Vibin Issac::

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rhymin' After Ages

Was forced to enter a poetry contest. Topic was "Rainbow". This is how it came out. Short poem. Read; Comment if you like it.


Little Violets hang from yon earthen pots
against the broad Indigo sky
The Blue bells thrive in the garden beds
next to which the Green ferns lie

The Yellow Buttercups glimmer in the fading light
The Orange Marigolds stand wavering in full bloom
The storm is nigh, drawing near in all its might
The Red Sun fades and darkness loom

We lie in our bed, we wait, we listen
The storm rages fit, bending the trees halfway down
We lie closer praying to our savior who's risen
longing for his grace and a peaceful dawn

Little Violets wake up to light mist and dew
overlooking what has now traced the sky
Found within each shimmering hue
an emblem of love gently lie

It's here, the warmth of blessings on our lives
The Devil has lost his hold, and we are no more cold
Our tears flee as we see the Rainbow rife
O God! You were there all along

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Boyfriend’s Mind; A Chronicle


The mind of a Boyfriend is a beauty in itself. *with all due sarcasm*
It is intricately woven and deeply convoluted, with a thousand ‘fragment (consider revising)’ thoughts flitting in and out every second. It processes human expressions in High Definition, like the look on her eyes, the slightest twitch of her lips and the twiddling of her fingers.

It notices the way she ties her hair, the way her hair dangles in a mess around her face, the manner in which she sits, the way in which she walks, the way she talks to others, oh! And the way she talks to that guy (how dare she?!), the way she laughs, the way she smiles, and the way she carries herself. And finally it notices the way she smiles at him mysteriously.

The mind of a boyfriend is a witty bastard. It schemes things, ah! And the beauty of the way it schemes. It sends her a text message, and quickly orders a bouquet of flowers. It chooses the best body spray for him and also the finest rugged tee shirt and torn jeans. It reads the room temperature faster than the world’s fastest thermometer. It makes him do final checks on his friends making sure that they are in some engagement or the other. It makes him wait anxiously for her and asks him to pop in a mouth freshener, and when she arrives, it reminds him to take her into his arms and be the gentleman he ought to be. It analyses her mood in full 360 degree and leaves no hint unattended and once inside, it makes him lock the door properly.

Chapter One: The Beginning

His mind is barren. At least barren regarding any sexual attraction or tension to any particular girl. His mind processes fast cars and naked bikes. He wakes up to heavy metal and grunge. In college, he hangs around with his ‘cool dudes’ and bunks classes at leisure. He has good looking girls in his crew and he walks with them, showing them off to the unprivileged tribe. He thinks that sticking to one girl is totally ‘un-cool’. Dating random girls weekly, on the other hand, is ‘cool’. He loves to show off his skill in driving and takes his ‘homies’ for a spin occasionally. His ‘perv’ jokes are a crowd puller and his dressing sense, makes him the heartthrob of many.

But that’s until she comes in. She just came in to his mind; there is no explanation for that. ‘It just happened, man. What was I supposed to do? It just fell from the sky, like what you say, a coconut!’ But it happened, and it happened real quick, and now all his attention is diverted to her. He tails her wherever she goes. He checks her out from the corner of his eyes. He keeps a lookout to check if there are other guys who are eyeing her, and if yes, he would then have to speed up things concerning her. She becomes the most beautiful girl that he has ever set his eyes on, and she has got ‘all’ the attributes that he likes. She is his best day, the one who causes happiness unlike any other. He yearns to tell her his feelings; Yea! His true feelings.

On the cover, the disclaimer read: Like viruses, she may cause harm to either system's hosted data, functional performance, or networking throughput, when they are executed. “But who wants to listen to that crap? I am “The ladies man” after all.”

Chapter Two: The ‘many new things in such a short time’ Syndrome

Case1: She liked him too, secretly.
Case2: She agrees to go out with him to see if it “works out”.
Case3: Well, I am not putting any Case 3! I will have to publish a book if I were to comment on every possible case available.

So, if Case1 works out: Oh mammy! He is “the ladies man”!
If it’s Case2: Well, you scored a homerun, rather inside-the-park home run. But she is yours to date. Try to convert this opportunity. Cheers!

The newly christened boyfriend is now on cloud 9. His attitude softens. He now walks around with his girlfriend, always. He rakes in the glory, which shines as bright as the Sun. He is a proud man. He hugs his girl first thing in the morning and kisses her, apparently on her forehead, initially, which then sneaks down to her cheek in due time, and in about a week, they lock their lips in greeting. He finds himself growing mature now that he has to take care of his new found love. He has to make sure that she is safe and that she is kept happy at all times.

A part of him is dedicated to thinking bout her all through the day and through the night. He dreams about saving her from the hands of villains like how  Spiderman does it (in part 1) and then hanging upside down, allowing her to unmask him half way through and kiss him like there was no tomorrow. Well, there is tomorrow, and he’s got to wake up or else he will be late.. Umm! Late rather to pick her up and reach her in time for college.

He has changed as a person now. He is now caring, loving, polite and humble. He experienced love, affection, closeness, warmth, and all the little emotions that come by being intimate with a partner. He smiles at himself and calls him the lucky one. Oh! And he likes it.

In class, he cant stop thinking of her; missing her. His once best friends are now kept in the back burner. Not that he is not aware of it, but he knows that his buddies will always be there to save the day, should anything happen, so chuck them for now, concentrate on the chic. Studies go downhill, and in extraordinary cases, when she puts up good grades in her tests, his male ego makes his grades go uphill. Give or take, he is going to think of her 24/7, not even withstanding an alien invasion even.
The class teacher writes on the board that “Some viruses and malware have symptoms noticeable to the computer user, but many are surreptitious or go unnoticed.”
Well, the Romeo in him takes no hints from his teachers.

Chapter Three: Love Pains

His mind has evolved. Now heavy metal and grunge is but a load of crap. She has replaced his love for fast cars and naked bikes. College is now but a meeting place for the two souls. His ‘homies’ fade from his vision and the new ‘hottie-nice-booty’ barely makes his head turn. His jokes are still maintained because it makes his girl giggle. He hasn’t grown too soft also. An event of another male predating on her soil is enough to unleash the beast within him.

They kiss quietly in the shadows, and spend long hours in coffee shops. Back home they instantly get on web chat and even during bed time they call for long hours. A day when they don’t meet goes in depression. They both want to spend every second with each other. At night, they both want to cuddle up next to each other.

Given a few more months, mental disorder seeps in. His mind starts weakening. Cocaine is addictive, and so is she. Projects and exams keep her busy, but our man here wants his phone call (Copyright: The Joker). She may be hanging out with her friends for a while, but he can’t bear the thought of staying away from her or so long. Her phone runs out of talk time, his mind runs out of patience. When she is ill and she doesn’t talk much, he thinks he did something wrong.
And the list goes on. His mind can’t process the fact that she has her life to take care of and that he can’t be with her for everything. It makes him think that she is toying with his feelings, or that she has had enough of him and that she doesn’t like him anymore.

But, after everything  when she comes by and plants a kiss, murmuring, “Love you darling”, all the calculations that he had in his mind join together to form a “?”, hovering on for a good 10 seconds before he can shake off the recurring question that hangs in the mind which reads: “err…?”.
Ever heard of a pile up accident? Where one car stalls abruptly and another one crashes into it from behind followed by possibly 10 others?
Well, that is exactly what happens to every thought that ran inside his mind at this juncture. 


The time tested relationship outlasts college life and work schedules. They are headed towards a life of oneness. Both have secured their trust in the other. They are unbreakable now. They plan their future home, the number of kids they should have, their preferred holiday location et al. Their careers don’t come between them, and their peers are ever supportive. Love has no barriers, they say. But parents may cause a spyware attack resulting in slow connection speed or even error in connection.

Level 2- Get both the families together. Make them accept each other.
The mind of the boyfriend reads: Oh Boy! Here we go again.

Friday, November 27, 2009

My Love

... for love is as strong as death, its jealousy unyielding as the grave. It burns like a blazing fire, like a mighty flame. Many waters cannot quench love, rivers cannot wash it away...

- Song of Songs 8:6-7

I had a thing for love, or at least i wanted to have a thing for love. I wrote my feelings down when i was still in school. I loved rhyming, and that's how i wrote.
I wrote a lot in my private diary. I even had a girl in mind back then, about whom i used to think. I used to feel unlucky that she wasn't mine, but writing, i remember, made me feel good.

(about her)

without you its hard to live,
to find solace, dil and a smile to give.

Life's taught me a lot of things, but it hasn't stopped me from writing about love. I have had periods where i had to keep a cold heart. Working for a company also got my mind off writing.
I once relied on friendship, but later realized that there is none like those whom i call family.
My college life was an up and then a down. There i wrote more and found pleasure in sharing it with my English teacher. Though still naive, my poems gave me a satisfaction that none other could.

Rejigged my heart, just to make me rile
at one meek look at her ricotta smile
rickety rickety did i rhyme
just to spend with her a little while

Got me, she has point blank
dotty me, I've gone mad
catchy girlie to mine eye
bless her and saye aye aye

Jinxed me dincha beauty soul
with jitters on my brittle brow
kill me if i ever wont
be worthy of your cosset love

How did i end up writing? Well, fact to be said, i used to follow Eminem a lot. He had a lot of influence on me during my school days. I used to rap, but never did much openly. I loved the way the lines matched in rythm and beat. I swayed to his music everyday. Hip-Hop was cult.

(to her)

When this began,
when we met and we drank
a bit of whiling and
we both just hanged around;
I thought I'd make the move,
to tell you how i am
with you in my mind;
But the case is sweet
you were a tequila mead
you engrossd my mind
and set my ass on fire.

Little Suli has come a long way. But now i dont know, i miss writing, i just dont get time. I have exams coming up, pending office work, family issues etc. As for love, Its still there, waiting to come out on paper. Suli must make sure it does.


I showed her how much i cared for her
I didnt damn if it ought not from her.
My only wish, to see her smile
and hope she does so every while.