Sunday, September 13, 2009

Love At First Sight

She walked in, perfectly poised and sure of herself.
I have heard from someone that she was smart and that her grades were always awe inspiring. I glanced at her hair as she walked in. It was long and straight. It shone and reflected in the sunlight emitting from the doorway. Dangling from each of her lower earlobes were two wire loop earrings. It captured my eyes as it swayed in rhythm with her body as she walked. She threw a sideways glance at me and the rest of the class. This allowed my eyes to feast upon those black khol rubbed eyes and her neatly plucked eyebrows. She wore a green kurta top and blue jeans. I leaned forward to notice that she was wearing a green summer sandal. Her complexion was rosy, n she had dimples on both sides of her face. Her necklace was but a black string with a pearl gemstone tied at the end.
She walked over to the center row with two ledgers in her hand, held close to her chest, and an unusually big brown leather bag tucked neatly under her right arm. Effortlessly, and with utmost grace, she lowered her goods onto the table and took a seat which directly faced the Professors table.

She enthralled me. I was spellbound. It was my first day in college, and in fell in love at first sight.


  1. you must have had one(love at first sight) for real as you've poured out your heart in this fictional write-up. Quite good.

  2. >> she lowered her goods on to the table


    >> sunlight emitting from the doorway

  3. @meera- someone sounds very obsessive ;)
    this is just a stupid thing i wrote before i went to bed. U know me, im a hopeless romantic! just a figment of my imagination, this is.

  4. hmmm...k....and after 2 years of knowing me u think im obssessive now???seriously???


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