Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Teenage Crush - By me (Back in my school days)

I wrote the following poem after my 12th grade...
Still an amateur then, i lacked some luster in my writing. This one is all about the mixed emotions that come into play in a teenage lover boy's mind.

(A Teenage Crush)
Why does she cry out?
others would just swear..
Problem lies where it binds
me in a vicarious snare

Rejigged my heart, just to make me rile
on one meek look at her ricotta smile.
Rickety Rickety did i rhyme
just to spend with her a little while

Yeah! why should i rhyme?
write poems on my mind?
she's the one who makes me
go haywire and i mime.

All for a prank joker
my life's a bad poker.
Twas she who seems effervescent
and her cute dimple dent.

Got me, she has, point blank
dotty me, I've gone mad.
Catchy girlie to my eyes
bless her and say Aye! Aye!

Jinxed me din'cha beauty soul
with jitters on my brittle bow.
Kill me if i ever wont
be worthy of your cosset love.

Well, i ll be adding more and better poems soon! Till then,
keep waiting!


  1. I would like you to post the explanation of each poem

  2. man,....plz put up more poems of urs.


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