Friday, June 3, 2011

#Bad A** Life

Life, made to run the length of a football field
a badass clown to start with, a victory to yield
Its got a weird beginning, it says that you'll be the best
some may say it so, but you ll never win this test
It's a test? Well it certainly is one,
if not, you must be some Warren Buffet's grandson.

You don't know shite, weird people you ll bang into
A tackle will take you down, next thing, there will be another two
Ah! the sweet taste of mud, the pain, the hurt, washed away in rain.

they say:
get hit and thrown about, but never frown
cuz until the end, it ll be that way, you re on your own
I say:
give me a reason to do this then, what will I get from this in the very end?

I grow old, that's when I'm given the football,
you should see the 7 footers who lunge at me with brute force
quick feet and you ll escape, else bye bye sonny, you ll never see any worse

You are a footballer, get up son,
now get this game running and win us some
Bam Bam! Your arse is hurt,
they say:
He cant do nothing, he's left eating dirt

I realised the meaning of life that day
It's to get back on the field
I came back with raw determination, and beat the hell outta them dumb folks
they came saying:
you re the man now, kid, you are the golden child

The game goes on, I'm the better player now, I beat up kids
they show up like lost clowns, my men take them down to deep pits
I don't see that once upon a time I was that badass clown
having to see big 7 footers fall down on me from heaven

Life, made to run the length of a football field
now at the other end, worn with time
It's got a weird end, It says that your job is done
I try and figure, what did i gain up front?

Excuse me Life, what was all that about?
Where am I? Who am I? Why the heck am I, I?
Am I tricked? Am I clowned? Am I even getting anything for my efforts?

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