Friday, November 27, 2009

My Love

... for love is as strong as death, its jealousy unyielding as the grave. It burns like a blazing fire, like a mighty flame. Many waters cannot quench love, rivers cannot wash it away...

- Song of Songs 8:6-7

I had a thing for love, or at least i wanted to have a thing for love. I wrote my feelings down when i was still in school. I loved rhyming, and that's how i wrote.
I wrote a lot in my private diary. I even had a girl in mind back then, about whom i used to think. I used to feel unlucky that she wasn't mine, but writing, i remember, made me feel good.

(about her)

without you its hard to live,
to find solace, dil and a smile to give.

Life's taught me a lot of things, but it hasn't stopped me from writing about love. I have had periods where i had to keep a cold heart. Working for a company also got my mind off writing.
I once relied on friendship, but later realized that there is none like those whom i call family.
My college life was an up and then a down. There i wrote more and found pleasure in sharing it with my English teacher. Though still naive, my poems gave me a satisfaction that none other could.

Rejigged my heart, just to make me rile
at one meek look at her ricotta smile
rickety rickety did i rhyme
just to spend with her a little while

Got me, she has point blank
dotty me, I've gone mad
catchy girlie to mine eye
bless her and saye aye aye

Jinxed me dincha beauty soul
with jitters on my brittle brow
kill me if i ever wont
be worthy of your cosset love

How did i end up writing? Well, fact to be said, i used to follow Eminem a lot. He had a lot of influence on me during my school days. I used to rap, but never did much openly. I loved the way the lines matched in rythm and beat. I swayed to his music everyday. Hip-Hop was cult.

(to her)

When this began,
when we met and we drank
a bit of whiling and
we both just hanged around;
I thought I'd make the move,
to tell you how i am
with you in my mind;
But the case is sweet
you were a tequila mead
you engrossd my mind
and set my ass on fire.

Little Suli has come a long way. But now i dont know, i miss writing, i just dont get time. I have exams coming up, pending office work, family issues etc. As for love, Its still there, waiting to come out on paper. Suli must make sure it does.


I showed her how much i cared for her
I didnt damn if it ought not from her.
My only wish, to see her smile
and hope she does so every while.


  1. Awe friggin SOME ... that's a grand comeback my pal.. a grand one. This one is straight from the heart, carrying slight hints of the glory of love gone but if it makes you write this well ... then wht the heck.. keep falling in and out of love. :D :D


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