Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rhymin' After Ages

Was forced to enter a poetry contest. Topic was "Rainbow". This is how it came out. Short poem. Read; Comment if you like it.


Little Violets hang from yon earthen pots
against the broad Indigo sky
The Blue bells thrive in the garden beds
next to which the Green ferns lie

The Yellow Buttercups glimmer in the fading light
The Orange Marigolds stand wavering in full bloom
The storm is nigh, drawing near in all its might
The Red Sun fades and darkness loom

We lie in our bed, we wait, we listen
The storm rages fit, bending the trees halfway down
We lie closer praying to our savior who's risen
longing for his grace and a peaceful dawn

Little Violets wake up to light mist and dew
overlooking what has now traced the sky
Found within each shimmering hue
an emblem of love gently lie

It's here, the warmth of blessings on our lives
The Devil has lost his hold, and we are no more cold
Our tears flee as we see the Rainbow rife
O God! You were there all along

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  1. Hi :)
    I really enjoy your blog. Your poems are lovely, I really this particular one! I, too, enjoy poetry...and Manchester United ;)
    God bless you!!!


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