Saturday, March 5, 2011

We Are All Mad People!

There are times when you are mentally unstable. Then there are times when a bunch of people sit together and act mentally unstable. One sees Tweety birds flyin low, round and round, over his head, One laughs an Hyena and abruptly stops and drools.
The following is a product of one such period. Unedited. Raw. Wrote it in one stretch of wild imagination.

We Are All Mad People!

One whined for a bite of white chocolate
nother wailed for the joy of recreation
Quite content with the pointless wait
our mouth's hang open in fascination

Taking in Oxygen and breathing out Carbon Dioxide
we bathe in sunlight, in its aggrandized glory
On unicorns and dragons we comrades ride
onto battle, unto death, we unleash our fury

We run across fields, chasing them stars
when we hardly made hay when the Sun shined
Lost in the beauty, the lost Pluto, endearing Mars
on cheese cakes and pouring wine, one nother dined

To indulge in such poetry as is thine silence
the trees of Apple, Pine and Maple
Divine, we rhyme on Pinocchio's violence
cause now, but for evermore, we are all mad people!

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