Friday, July 4, 2008

My First "Untitled"

Heya Blogger-minds,
Wassup? Hows the drafts going? Getting high on Marijuana?
Nothing new in that... Keep it'ing!
Well, before u lift that knife to stab me, lemme just start off!

Today's post is related to some of the most amazing poems in the world that come from my stable!!!
hee hee! Hell ya!
Me kinda a small time poet myself...
I have this inborn liking for rhyming words since my twinkle twinkle little stars!
My first ever good looking poem goes like this :-

As ethos as the sky
Zealous to my life
Incessant mystic living opal
Yearning a meteor a
Attar with its best
Cayenne to Celsius
Sedulous to cavort
is what she is all about.

Revel lady, blotch in my Heart
Sweet cygnet, cynosure
intend will you to fill my cart
with your mastery Sepia-shore.

I am a stupid kismet mule
With you, im a kilo joule
Pivotal, fair friend in life
lady piper, spare my like.

Well comments are entertained...
(Please do keep in mind that i wrote this around 2-3 years ago.. Amateur writing.. Hail! )

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