Saturday, May 10, 2008

Things We Say (And Its Real Meaning)

1.I'll call you
If I ever see you around, maybe I'll say hi

2.It's my treat
I'll be paying, ok ,but I'll be expecting you to offer to split the bill. And if you insist, well, it's your treat then...

3.It´s my fault
If you hadn't done that I wouldn't have made a mistake in the first place

4.The party starts at 12, but everybody will arrive at 1
If you come before 1, you´ll have to help me to arrange everything and I won´t pay you attention
5.I know what I´m saying
I´ve heard that on a TV program or someone told me about it, I don´t remember accurately...

6.The deadline is Tuesday at noon? Got it!
If I work all Wednesday night, I´ll probably finish it

7.I´ve been working really hard lately
I´m taking just 1 coffee/cigarette break an hour

8.You think I´m wrong?
You are stupid! Hahahaha


  1. Don't you like comments?,oh thats the reason behind A NON BLOGGER'ISH APPROACH .I did enjoy reading some of your post and more than that the picture.

  2. doOd u're da toast f all seasons .... u got a nice prof goin man .....

    Ps--esp tht "SambHr of'69" [its freakin nasty(kewl)]... adios Amigo...

  3. dood i luvd ur profile....tis kewl n hapnin...esp tht "SamBhar of'69"....adios amigo...

  4. "Things We Say (And Its Real Meaning)" I really like this post because its part funny and true to a good extent.

    I am yet to read your new poems... i sure will next time when i come around here !! :D


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