Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This is the day i joined Blogger!

its 15 minutes to midnight, n im kinda sleepy too!
i normally sleep around 12 or 12.30 am, but i dont think i can stay up dat long today!
now bein the time i joined, i wud like to make it special.

today is 26 feb 08..its gonna be 27th in a matter of minutes...
im alone in ma room and the entire house is silent!!! My friend is chattin with me on ma nokia phone... we always chat round this time til we doze off!!!
Ma day today was not that good too, as my exams are to start in bout 2 weeks time!
My name is Vibin Issac.
Im very commonly known as 'Suli'.
(The only name my mom hates!!!)
Well, i hav been Suli since i passed ma 10th grade with an outstanding 72.4%,
and even after i walked out of 12th grade with an excellent 83%.
Im still Suli now, when im completing my 2nd year in a B.com degree!
So, i think there is nothing much i can add in now!!!
My body has called it a day...

this is ma first day in blogger...

or should i say

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