Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I play basketball, But i watch football.

I play basketball, I watch football.

So as i watch Football..
lemme start off with it!!! My favorite football club is Manchester United. A club i admire for its richness in talent (and lots of money too). It is the richest football club in the World.

Now on to other Stuff
As i need to know,
Why Should Countries Pay Clubs For Players On International Duty!!!
(Countries Could Go Bankrupt Or Competitions Could Disappear!)

Meddling FIFA president Sepp Blatter is intent on leaving a lasting legacy to the wonderful world of football regardless of the effect it will have on the game. This time he has paved the way for the richest clubs in football to get richer still, through payments for their player who are on international duty.

The threat of legal action from the G14 clubs which include Manchester United, Liverpool & Arsenal, appears to have forced the hand of the top man in Football. The clubs were seeking compensation for players injured on international duty, however Blatter has given them a letter if intent which has satisfied them, causing them to withdraw their legal action and disband the group. UEFA will be happy to see the group gone as they had threatened to set up a break away European league.

Why Should Clubs Be Compensated? Players Made Famous From International Competitions Make Them Millions!
(Who Will Compensate The Countries If The Stars Are Unavailable For Tournaments?)

Currently the International tournaments take place during the holiday/close season, with the exception of the African Cup of Nations, which could and should be rescheduled to suit considering the majority of players are playing their game in Europe. So what exactly are the clubs being compensated for? Being denied the ability to take that player on a tour of Asia or America? Surely the player is representing their club in some of the most watched competitions on the planet, if those players play well or win medals their value is raised, meaning the club can charge more for sponsors and branding. Just look at the new partnership between Manchester United and Kumho Tyres, where the Koreans will have paid a fortune to Manchester United so they can use effective sales tools like Wayne Rooney’s name in radio advertising. Their value is also raised on the transfer market, some clubs have been funded and built on the cash from selling a player who did well at a world cup. Damian Duff was sold to Chelsea for a fortune after his displays for the Republic of Ireland in 2002, Bayern Munich made a huge profit on Owen Hargreaves after he shone in the World Cup in 2006, is that not compensation enough for these teams?

Has a player ever had their career ended by an injury caused purely in an international tournament? Granted there have been a few long term injuries where clubs have had to pay huge wages during the recovery period, but who negotiated the contract with the players? Who agreed to pay them full pay during their sickness? More importantly if an international star is injured playing for their club and cannot play for their country will the clubs compensate the countries? If Cristiano Ronaldo is injured for the Euro 2008, could Portugal sue Manchester United for inhibiting their chances of winning the competition, reducing their potential revenues from sponsors? If so Wales could have a case against Manchester United as Ryan Giggs nearly always seemed to have a niggle when it came to international time.

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