Sunday, March 30, 2008

Aftermath ma B'Day - Tribute to my Friend (who got me a cute photo album)

This is for the one who gave me a cute photo album as my B'dy Gift..

Thanks A Billion Pal!!!

Its bin years ... (although implied) .. since id seen a B'dy Present. i mean..the last time i got a gift was this piano organ... when i was in 5th Grade or so, by ma uncle...
since then all my B'dy presents included tough question papers, most of which i ve proudly flunked!!! ( - Reason why i usually took my parents to visit My School principal for tea!)
Mostly i get a new pen-set or marker or a humping clipboard so that i may do my exams well on that day!!! *sigh*
well, thats my life! aint it fun? having your B'dy on the 4th of march!
Bull!! i say

Now exams are postponed and a new dawn of life appears! college life! A life where all the exam dates get postponed on the eve of the first test!! Bless u!
Well, i took my day off on march 4th as most of the jobless souls (being relieved of exam stress) gave me a ring! My mobile battery had to be charged twice that day!!!

well, im off the subject already!!! continuing where i left off..

she gave me message sayin that she'd get me something when we meet up at ims (my CAT coaching centre)

*disclaimer:Now "she" is just my female friend whom i ll keep anonymous wit u, Blogger-Bhai!!!

For some crap reason every week, we din have coaching for over a month!!! what nonsense na(like she say's)!
today, finally we had a proper class!!! phew! n afterwards when then class got over, she popped this neatly wrapped gift into my hand..and i never really felt so happy before!
thats when i realized that i had to get her a chocolate bar as a B'dy treat.. but alas.. her mom arrived.. she had to go!!! Now, its a wait for another week until we meet next time!!!

Bull!! i say

well..its well past mid-night and silence around me is getting louder...
i think its time for me to take a leak and go get cozy with my blankey!!

N once again.. Thanks Buddy.. The Photo Album will be treasured!

Yawn! Gnite..
*Wakes up suddenly*
oh before that.. off to the pee room!

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